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LAYANAN PELANGGAN : 021 453 4599
  • United States - English

ScanPro 3000

ScanPro 3000 Features and Specifications

Camera optical resolution: 26 megapixels (over 500 dpi on a letter page).
Maximum image size 426 megapixels (image size is not optical resolution).
Customizable: tool tabs, button controls, tool tips, graphic film WIZARD interface.
Film Selection WIZARD: Single “CLICK”, automatic set up of your scanner for any film.
On Screen Magnifier (selectable zoom): to inspect small text and fine details.
FOCUS-Lock™ (Proprietary): Maintains focus at all times (even during optical zoom).
Optical Image Rotation: Maximum resolution for both Portrait and Landscape images.

More Info

The ultra-compact ScanPro 3000 is a universal scanner that features high-resolution optics and fast, high-resolution scanning at all magnifications. It has a desktop footprint the size of two sheets of letter-sized paper and can easily fit into almost any location. Cutting edge software, including advanced OCR technology lets you automatically locate selected words on your microfilm and and to link to secondary sources of information when doing research.