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Jessilindo Pratama

Swann Cuts the Cord with Completely Wire-Free Smart Security Camera

14 Juli 2014
Swann Cuts the Cord with Completely Wire-Free Smart Security Camera

 Swann, a global leader in security monitoring with over 30 years of experience in DIY video surveillance, today announced the release of the new wire-free Smart Security Camera. Equipped with crystal clear 1080p full HD Video and a wide 120-degree viewing angle, the camera can capture details such as faces and license plates from every angle. With its night vision and IP65 rating for full weatherproofing, users can rely on the camera to keep their families and pets safe day and night, inside and outside.

Wire-Free, Easy to Use

The device offers effortless installation and reliable threat detection thanks to Swann’s True Detect™ heat-sensing technology. All users need is the camera, a Wi-Fi connection and their smartphone.

Swann Wireless Wire Free Smart Security Camera_SWWHD-INTCAM

The combination of its completely wire-free design, and rechargeable battery operation means it’s easy and convenient for home or business owners to set up wherever they like – inside or outside the house, at the front door or even inside the baby’s room. The wireless camera connects to an existing Wi-Fi network within minutes and does not require a DVR or base station, unlike many other surveillance systems.


Swann Wireless Wire Free Smart Security Camera on Bookshelf_SWWHD-INTCAM

True Detect™ Heat-Sensing Technology

Swann’s all new True Detect™ Technology also means that users will no longer fall victim to false alarms caused by trees blowing in the wind, leaves falling or a pet moving around the home. The technology uses heat-based PIR (Passive Infrared) motion detection to reliably distinguish heat of larger objects including people and cars. Once triggered, users receive reliable push notifications to their Smartphone coupled with efficient video recording to local memory and secure cloud.



“Many people say they want to implement home security; however, don’t have the time or money to install and purchase an effective home security solution. Using our 30 years of experience in Do-it-Yourself security, we’ve introduced a unique product with the new True Detect™ Technology in order to deliver smarter security that users can truly rely on,” said Jeremy Stewart, Vice President of Global Marketing at Swann. “Given the Smart Security Camera is 100% wire-free and rechargeable, people don’t need to waste money on installation and can avoid the high cost of battery replacements. It’s also a great option for renters due to its affordability, portability and no drilling requirements. They can quickly and easily set up their camera and enjoy the peace of mind knowing their home or business is under 24/7 surveillance.”


Swann Wireless Wire Free Smart Security Camera SAFE by Swann App via Phone_SWWHD-INTCAM

Free SAFE by Swann App

Using the new and free SAFE by Swann app (for iOS and Android), home and business owners can select when to receive push notifications, monitor cameras in real-time and listen to the audio at any time and from anywhere in the world. Through the app users can playback footage from the past 7 days, stored locally on the camera, and from the past 2 days stored securely on the cloud. For anyone wanting expanded protection there is also the ExtraSafe™ plan that allows for cloud storage of thousands of clips for up to 30 days1.